Glycerin Rose – The Fresh Flower Alternative

Glycerine roses are the ideal fresh flower alternative.  You will have seen glycerine  roses featured on this site previously when I made a glamelia or ‘carmen’ rose from the petals of a glycerine (stabilized) rose – by the way,  this is still as perfect as the day I made it!

I have been busy in the last 5 days making two sets of candelabra flower displays from stabilized/glycerine roses and greenery.  It was a mammoth task, each rose had to be wired and covered in wax tape (I was dealing with roses in the hundreds here!!!!!!!) before the piece was assembled.   The customer wanted a set containing red roses and a set containing pink and champagne coloured roses.  The brief was to keep the posy so as to avoid contact with the candles.

I find it very difficult to photograph red roses – I have tried to do it with and without a flash to try and show the beauty of the rose.  The colour is so vibrant  and striking (the Polish hotel staff who came along to have a look could only come up with one adjective – ‘sexy’, which I was fairly pleased with).   The candelabra in the pictures are displayed on high pod tables.  I think when they are on dining tables en-masse  they will look fantastic.


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