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Flower-girl Flowers

I always have great fun making flower arrangements for flower girls – it’s like my play time.  It gives me the opportunity to uses fun accessories such as mini-bows and sparkly paper and be as creative as my imagination allows.

For the very young flower girl the wand is always a hit.  I leave the stems long and covered completely with double-faced satin ribbon.   In the ‘head’  of the wand I have incorporate shredded sparkly paper – there are lots of colours to choose from which provides great interest for the very young.  I have also incorporated 3/5 small 8-loop bows among the flowers – I have found that wired organza (1/2cm wide) makes a very dainty bow.  Alternatively, I collar of satin ribbon is soo cute.

Older flower girls want to be treated just the same at the bridesmaids, in which case I make a smaller version of the bridesmaids, but leave the stems a little longer (approximately 2″ longer ).

Another popular choice for flower girls from about 6 upwards is the pomander.  I don’t recommend pomanders for younger children as some care is needed when handling them and they prove tiresome after a short while.  To date I have only made them with gypsophilia but they can be made with germini,  chrysanthemum blooms, hydrangea blooms, the unfairly under-rated carnation ImageImageImageImageImageetc etc.