Fresh Flower Alternatives

Not every bride wants to be surrounded by fresh  flowers at every turn on her wedding day.  It is possible to create a nice mixture of fresh flowers and quirky alternatives that can be arranged by your florist.  For the bride who wants to be that little bit different while pleasantly surprising her guests  here are a few fun alternatives.

My favourite,  the Strawberry Tree, is a novel way for guests to start wedding celebrations – accompanied with a glass of champagne.  Properly arranged, it looks lavish and sophisticated.  A definite WOW start to proceedings.

A sweet alternative to the Strawberry Tree is the Ferrero Roche Tree, or also popular, the Marshmallow Tree.

My last word on fresh flower alternatives at a wedding is reserved for the Unity Ceremony part of  the marriage celebration.  There have been occasions where a bride and groom marrying in a Church have been asked to keep the altar free of flowers, typically the traditional long-low candle arrangement.   This is easily solved by using  crystal candle-sticks.    If you down-size the diameter of the centre candle  you can arrange a few tiny blooms around the base which would not be going against the wishes of the celebrant.   Also, if you are having a civil ceremony, very often you will find that the ceremony takes place in front of a small table and there isn’t that much space available for flowers.  It is also a lovely fresh-take on a lovely tradition.


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