‘Pleasing Purple’ Bridal Party Theme

Fun hydrangea mix

Purple is a classic and sophisticated colour for a bridal party.   All shades of purple are rich and luxurious and look wonderful in photos.

One of my favorite purple flowers to use in bridal work is eustoma (lysianthus).   These delicate rose-like blooms are available in a dark purple shade and compliment white beautifully.    They are also available in a hybrid variety where white blooms are edged in purple.  Eustoma are also a lovely flower to use in gents button-holes.   The great thing about choosing eustoma is that it is available all year round and it will definitely add a touch of class to your wedding theme.

Another year-round favourite is freesia.  Freesia is not only a beautiful flower but it has  a fantastic fragrance  and is available in dark purple and a lavender shade (as well as many other colours).

Summer brides can choose a purple variety from the hydrangea group of flowers.  The last purple flower I want to mention here is purple anemone.  Anemone is available to spring brides only unfortunately – the colour is simply fantastic – they are a ‘single’ bloom with dark purple colour and a satin sheen to them.

Brides who are thinking about incorporating purple into their wedding theme have a huge selection of flowers to choose from, only are few of the most popular are mentioned above.    

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