The Bridal Shower Bouquet

You either love the ‘shower’ bouquet or you don’t.  When I meet a bride for a consultation one of the first things I do is out-line the basic options open to her for her own flowers – posy,  over-arm, tear-drop, crescent, semi-crescent, extension, pomander, glamelia or shower, and I always get an immediate reaction to the shower and it will be an absolute yes or no – there is no middle ground.

I love making shower bouquets – the introduction of the osasis holder has made life so much easier and enjoyable.  When I did my training I was told to wire every bloom.  I found this made the bouquet very heavy, not to mention a considerable drain on time.

A bridal shower bouquet is at its best when carried by a bride wearing a full a-line skirt and train.  They compliment each other  perfectly and can be made as voluminous or as dainty as the bride wants.   I like to use at least three flower varieties (my favorites are roses, freesia, dendrobium orchids and eustoma) and two foliage types – I generally only use two colours in a shower as I feel that any more just makes it a jumble.

Thankfully the  ‘shower’ has come a long way from the 1980’s of just open lilies, red roses, ivy and leather-leaf fern and is something any trend-setting bride would be proud to carry on her wedding day.

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