Vintage Wedding – Dusty Pink

Bridesmaids in attandanceDusty Pink and Off White was the theme for this early winter wedding.  The bride saw pictures of my work on Facebook and liked the vintage themed flowers.  There are a few excellent varieties of rose that provide the vintage look.  The one chosen here is called Amnesia – I choose Amnesia because the bridesmaids were wearing dusty pink and it pulled the look together beautifully.  Other varieties of this vintage style rose throw off brown hues and would have clashed with the pink dresses.

As well as considering the colour scheme when deciding on a vintage style rose for your wedding,  it is important to note that these roses are not grown in vast quantities. You will be able to get enough at short notice (2months) for the bridal party but if you are planning to decorate they Church and/or reception venue you will need to order well in advance to avoid disappointment.  Short supply of one variety can be countered by using two/three different varieties and will not be obvious to the un-trained eye.

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