Glamelia Rose

This is my latest creation, a Glamelia rose made from stabilized roses.    A Glamelia rose bouquet is made from rose petals and is supposed to be the perfect rose.  It can in fact be made with the petals of any flowers, I have seen examples made from cymbidum orchids, lillies and gladoli.    They take a long time to make –  the petals must first be graded according to size and colour and then be attached one at a time ensuring the shape is maintained throughout.  It is not a bouquet for the faint-hearted florist.  Traditionally/historically each petal was wired, but thankfully I was taught by a Lithuanian Master Florist  to assemble it with a hot-glue gun, this saves so much time and assures me that the petals will stay secure. Apparently a glamelia rose is historically a traditional bridal bouquet (Katherine Heigl had one for her recent wedding).Top view of  Glamelia Rose

As this glamelia  is made from stabilized roses it can be kept as a memento of the wedding day for months, even years.   I often get asked about preserving wedding bouquets for sentimental value and I my advice is to have the bouquet make from pre-treated flowers rather than putting the fresh flower bouquet through a drying process which leaves it drained of colour and very brittle.  I have found a supplier of the highest quality stabilized roses, they are just like fresh flowers – seeing is believing.    With so much time going into making a glamelia rose, using the pre-treated roses really makes it all the more worth while. 


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