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Vintage Wedding – Cafe Latte

Vintage Themed Wedding

Vintage BridemaidHere come the girlsA popular rose for weddings with a vintage theme is Metallica.  It’s colour can only be described as faded – there is a hint of pink at the tips of the seratted petals, a hint of washed/faded mauve in the centre while overall the dominant colour is cafe latte.   The bride in the picture wore a white dress and her bridesmaids wore a pale gold with black bolero that gave fantastic focus to the overall colour scheme.   The bride had only Metallica Roses in her bouquet while the bridemaids carried a bouquet of mixed pale pink and metallica  roses.   All bouquets were dressed in a moss-green double face satin ribbon which continued the vintage theme.


Vintage Wedding – Dusty Pink

Dusty Pink and Off White was the theme for this early winter wedding.  The bride saw pictures of my work on Facebook and liked the vintage themed flowers.  There are a few excellent varieties of rose that provide the vintage look.  The one chosen here is called Amnesia – I choose Amnesia because the bridesmaids […]

Tips for choosing a florist!

With so many things to organise for your wedding you need all your suppliers to be professional and trustworthy, your florist should be no different.  Here is some advice for all prospective brides looking to choose a bridal florist .

  • Inform the florist of the colour and style of your dress and your bridesmaids prior to the consultation.  Its possible that you may not have decided on the colours for the bridemaids, that’s no problem, you can still decide on the style and flower type of the bouquets well in advance.  The consultation will be  more productive if the florist has something to work on.
  • Ask your florist to be specific about flower choice and most importantly the size of the bouquets.  A good rule of thumb should be about 28/30cm across for the brides bouquet and about 25cm for bridesmaids.  Having specific information will make it easier to shop around for the best value.
  • Shop around.  Choose 2/3 florist for a consultation, any more than that will leave you feeling dizzy.  If they come with a personal recommendation, thats even better.
  • Bring along a picture if you’ve seen something you like.   A good florist should easily recreate it for you.
  • Ask for pictures.  The internet is full of images of real life wedding flowers and they are easily down-loaded.  Having a picture of the style of wedding you want will make it easier to co-ordinate with other apsects of your wedding.
  • Ask for pricing alternatives, eg if you really like an all rose bouquet but find that the 30cm bouquet dosent suit your pocket, ask for a smaller version to be priced.  Pricing alternatives apply to all aspects of the floral scheme, from pedestals to pew ends to altar arrangements.

Glamelia Rose

This is my latest creation, a Glamelia rose made from stabilized roses.    A Glamelia rose bouquet is made from rose petals and is supposed to be the perfect rose.  It can in fact be made with the petals of any flowers, I have seen examples made from cymbidum orchids, lillies and gladoli.    They take a long time to make –  the petals must first be graded according to size and colour and then be attached one at a time ensuring the shape is maintained throughout.  It is not a bouquet for the faint-hearted florist.  Traditionally/historically each petal was wired, but thankfully I was taught by a Lithuanian Master Florist  to assemble it with a hot-glue gun, this saves so much time and assures me that the petals will stay secure. Apparently a glamelia rose is historically a traditional bridal bouquet (Katherine Heigl had one for her recent wedding).Top view of  Glamelia Rose

As this glamelia  is made from stabilized roses it can be kept as a memento of the wedding day for months, even years.   I often get asked about preserving wedding bouquets for sentimental value and I my advice is to have the bouquet make from pre-treated flowers rather than putting the fresh flower bouquet through a drying process which leaves it drained of colour and very brittle.  I have found a supplier of the highest quality stabilized roses, they are just like fresh flowers – seeing is believing.    With so much time going into making a glamelia rose, using the pre-treated roses really makes it all the more worth while.